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Shelly's House provides affordable, transitional housing for female offenders in Salem, Oregon. It is owned and operated by Shelly's House, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, established in 1993. Shelly's House, Inc. is an all-volunteer organization. Our board works to develop and maintain community partnerships for the provision of mentoring and assistance to Shelly’s House residents in learning sustainable life skills, financial planning, and how to live honestly without alcohol and drugs in harmony with others.


Our mission is to provide alcohol- and drug-free affordable housing for women offenders including structure and support for successful community reintegration through programs and community resources.


Our vision for our residents is that they re-learn day-to-day life management skills, live clean and sober, find and sustain gainful employment, and ultimately shed the label of offender and achieve successful re-entry into the community.

What It Takes

In 17 years we have acquired Shelly’s House and served an average of 40 women yearly. We have never evicted a client for inability to pay and we do not discriminate against any woman. Our house provides eight beds, and another nine in five attached apartments. Our income is generated through first-month housing subsidy, residents finding jobs and paying some living expenses, grants, gifts, and donations, largely from our circle of friends and acquaintances who know of our passion to help these women. Through one small miracle after another we have kept the doors open, the lights on and women served. While our property is almost debt-free, we continue to have ongoing needs. Operating funds just for utilities average $2,000 each month.

  • We provide small personal toiletry bags to each new resident with essentials to last the first month.
  • We replace 30 to 40 sets of towels and linens annually (only twin beds are used at Shelly’s House).
  • We fund ID cards needed to obtain employment.
  • We provide necessary paper and cleaning products for a safe and sanitary household.
  • We provide laundry machines and products so the women can maintain their clothing.
  • We replace kitchenware and furniture as needed in the house and five apartments.

We can always use help and are very grateful for any help provided, whether it be in the form of cash donations, clean lightly used linens or furniture, used and usable kitchenware or lawn and household maintenance tools. One wonderful volunteer provides on-call plumbing services which are often needed. We also frequently need the services of an electrician and a handy man and would welcome someone who could donate those services on occasion.

You Can Help

Shelly's House is making a difference for these women. Convicted felons get sent to prison, but eventually their sentence ends, and they must return to the community. The only way to keep our community safe is to help them in that process. It is our goal to help our addicted residents succeed. Only when they can recognize and reverse criminal thinking patterns, face and conquer their addictions, and learn to be responsible, job-holding citizens is our community made safer. To that end, we provide mentoring, coaching, and a safe place where they can live while they put their lives back together and make a new start. With your support, our residents are supported in making good choices, becoming responsible citizens once again, and planning for a healthy future. Can you help? Whether it be usable clothing or kitchenware, furniture or skilled services - even money - we are grateful for the smallest gift!